Frequently Asked Questions

How can I order food?

You need to enter the address to which you want to deliver food or want pick up food from and we'll show you list of restaurants or takeaways from our hub who are serving in that area. Select the restaurant of your choice, in particular food or ingredient and just place you order. Your order will be sent immediately directly to the restaurant if they have their in house delivery system or else it will be sent to the available drivers who then act on your behalf to go restaurants to place your order, collect and deliver to you. You will get immediate confirmation from the portal and also you get updated notifications through email or sms. 


Step by Step Guide to Place your order:

1. Enter your postcode or address on search bar. Click Search. eg. TN23 1LS

2. Select your choice of restaurant which is open and are offering service in that area. 

3. If the restaurant is on view menu mode that means the restaurant is currently offline and  not taking orders. You can only place the order when restaurant is open. (Check restaurant opening times on info Tab)

4. Choose you Menu items

5. Choose your order type  (Delivery or Pick Up). 

6. Click Next

7. Enter your login details or check out as a guest.

8. For Guest user's provide your name, delivery address, phone number and email address.

9. Make sure your phone number and email address is correct so that we can update you on order status and contact you if needed. 

10. Pay by Card (processed through secure PayPal, we do not store card details) or cash to the delivery driver.

11. Enjoy your Meal! 

12. You can share your experience by leaving a review. (Optional)





Where is my order?

You will recieve a confirmation email as soon as we recieve your order. You can also track the status of your order through the homepage clicking on the TRACK ORDER button to do this you will need to provide your order number.

What if the delivery takes longer than stipulated delivery time frame?

In this case, you need to email us (if it is powered delivered restaurant) or directly contact to the restaurant which prepares your food. Phone number of the restaurant can  be found in the confirmation email.

How long shall I wait for a meal?

In a visible spot, We monthly update each restaurant's estimated delivery time looking into their report previous month's average delivery time. However, in particular a day or with the particular order it won't be correct so you can count on average an hour to get it delivered. The restaurant or driver will send you automated email or sms if the delivery time is going to be delayed. 

Can I make a basket of different dishes from different restaurants?

No. If you fancy a meal from more than one restaurant, you must place seperate orders.

Can I order food at my chosen time?

Yes you can, but only during it's opening time. You cannot place the order when the choosen restaurant is closed however you can view their menu. 

Can I order a day in advance?

No. The sechedule order is only possible on same day.

I live in new built estate, my address is not recognized in google map. how can i place the order?

We understand some new build estates are not recognized by google map database. But if you live within the deliverable area, you may place the order providing nearby postcode. Make sure you leave the delivery notes with desired delivery address. Most of the restaurants may be willing to handle your delievery request. 

What is powered delivery by foodinghub?

House name, fast food chains or busy restaurants haven't set up their delivery mechanism to deliver their food. Upon request from you by placing order through our website, foodinghub courier agent will act on your behalf as a customer who will then place your order, collect it and deliver to you. 

Do I have to tip the driver?

Whether you tip or not its completely upto you, but we appreciate your gratuity, please note that this is the primary way drivers earn extra money. You can tip via your card when placing your order, or tip in cash when the driver delivers your food.

Is there a minimum order value?

Yes. The minimum order value varies from restaurant to restaurant. 

Do I have to pay extra prices than actual restaurant price for delivery?

We encourage our fooding hub restaurants to keep pricing for delivery similar to their in-house menu pricing, although there may be exceptions. For foodinghub powered delivery restaurants, we have marked up on actual restaurant price to cover cost associated to run the business. 

Can I collect my order?

Yes, you can pick your order from foodinghub restaurants if they enable this option when placing the order.  

What if something is wrong with my order?

We are commited to provide best possible customer service to make your foodinghub ordering experience good. However, sometimes things might go wrong as planned. In such incident, if the restaurant is not listed as powered delivery by foodinghub, you can contact restaurant directly to resolve the issue. In case the restaurant is listed as powered delivery by foodinghub, you can contact our local manager on the phone number povided to you on confirmation email or write to us at we will take care of this for you.  

Where do i find allergic information?

We strongly advise to write down notes on allergy requirements while placing the order on comment box. We do not prepare or cook the food, if you are unsure, please contact us over the phone or contact the relevant restaurant before placing the order.

How can I request something in my food order?

When you are ordering your food you are able to leave a note for the driver to see and he will take your note into account for what you have ordered and how you would like your food sent to you.