Focused on "C"

We are focused on 

Choice for Customer- foodinghub will create a hub of restaurants and take-aways, so that customer will have more choice in one place. Foodinghub has been created especially for anyone who wants to order food from restaurant that doesn’t deliver. Foodinghub has network of drivers to provide powered delivery service from fast-food chains and restaurants that doesn’t deliver.  


Client- Although, online ordering and take-away delivery is most popular and growing industry in UK. Unfortunately, two independent restaurants are closing every week but at the same time company’s share who are taking commission from these restaurants are trading in high at Forex. foodinghub will cut the commission to help these take-aways to do their business in more profitable way. Foodinghub will also provide latest seamless technology to the client (restaurants/ takeaways) to manage orders and dispatch deliveries for smooth business operation.


Courier:- Major part of food delivery service, couriers/ drivers job is seen as informal job or part-time cash in hand job in UK. Foodinghub wants to make this job more rewarding, reputable by providing good earning opportunity to delivery drivers.


Community:- From day one of trading, foodinghub will keep reserve certain % of it’s income for children charity to create better community for future.


Customer care: With help of seamless technology foodinghub always committed to provide best possible customer service. Customer’s will be kept updated on their order status via SMS or email. Customer will be able to track their delivery on real time once the driver leave the restaurant.


Building amazing experiences around delivery.

Starting with information for hundreds restaurants (and counting), we're making delivery smoother and more enjoyable with services like online ordering and delivery


Enabling restaurants to create amazing experiences.

With dedicated engagement and management tools along with seamless technology, we're enabling restaurants to spend more time focusing on food itself, which translates directly to better food delivery experiences.